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Russian folklore

About   nationalities: their culture we can discover often by their stories, tales and legends,  verbally transmitted through the generations  over the centuries. It is called, as in “folk” art - folklore.

Throughout the world, Russia and the Russian people in many ways people are still judged by their folklore. What is Russia, as represented in the understanding of foreigners?

An unfamiliar and unknown land with vast expanses, impenetrable forests (which are home to Baba Yaga the Granny Witch), Koschey (Deathless)  Leshii (Forest Master) and frights (forest spirits) -


village rural landscape, Slavic folklore by StudioFantasies


There are traditional Russian household items and matreshkas (nesting dolls). 


And of course, there are pretty traditional folk clothing and accessories which got a modern twist with the help of our great artists.  
 Russian bears are still walking through the city streets: 
Amigurumi crochet bear toy from PetsLair

A cup of tea taste better when it poured from a samovar. It can easily fit a gallon of water!


The shawls and scarves are so pretty and colorful. Perfect for winter!


Russian folk art shawl black with roses from MulberryWhisper

... so is valenki, a felted wool footwear:
Balalaika - three-stringed musical instrument

Please enjoy our creations and vintage finds!
Story by Natalis Iolalis (PetsLair)
Translated by Svetlana (CherryGardenDolls)

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  1. Сколько красоты то! village rural landscape и самовар особенно понравились :)