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Fall in Lair

1. At me in a Lair there live three friends the Pig Piglet, the Cunning  fox-cub
 and the Bear cub the Thick Paunch. Quite often they get involved in different 
unpleasant incidents. I will tell you one

2. Once walking on the autumn  forest, the Bear-cub noticed that days become 
colder and it is time to think of stocks in a lair

3. Mom thought in advance, she cooked raspberry and bilberry jam, dried 
mushrooms. But it is necessary also to collect something. Under old trees the bear-cub
met the fox-cub and persuaded to go to the wood together.

4. Piglet didn't need to be persuaded. This Pig was always ready on any adventures, 
of course except hunger strike. Out of curiosity he already looked to the mother's
 storeroom and worried that its favourite acorns won't be enough until the end of winter

5. And here friends Piglet, the Bear cub and the Young fox in gathered and are ready
 to go to look for forest gifts for the winter.

6. The first with a find appeared the Cunning Young fox. The bump which he found was a little shabby. But he was all the same happy with itself. Generally all Foxes in general differ in resourcefulness, cunning and self-sufficiency.
7. The pig too didn't lag behind in searches of inventories. He knew, under  acorns are hidden under autumn leaves. You sometime tasted coffee from acorns? And salty acorns with fennel and garlic? And acorns jam? If isn't present — that you aren't a pig!

8. And only a bear cub without trophies so far. Bears adore raspberry and other berries. And the autumn Forest does not please him these delicacies. Besides he was tired and he was looking for a place under the sun where it would be possible to lie

9. In a pursuit of tasty forest gifts, our hero — the Piglet jumped in burdock bushes. 
It appeared in very unpleasant situation. As you know, the burdock is instantly
 pasted to jersey. Not for nothing people speak "The pig of dirt will find".
10.  And the bear cub sat down for rest on a stone and waited for friends
11. His paws were glued to trousers, the burdock was even on ears 
— Oy-yo-yo-yo-yoy cried it! Rescue help! Somebody to the aid!

12. A fox-pup, approaching the Bear who is on vacation heard a call for help. 
 — Who there so loudly squalls, the Bear cub?
— It seems this is the Pig calls to the aid? It is necessary to rescue it!
13. Running under old trees the Young fox began to listen:
— Where Piglet shouts? — he pricked up the ears with black brushes.
 Foxes have excellent hearing And fast feet.

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