четверг, 27 апреля 2017 г.

Dolls Gallery

Today, there was a party of little dolls together and dolls collectors

This is a dolls collectors  Natalia  &  Olga

Heidi Ott toddler doll 2.5 inches

Pose for you American Girl Mini ,  Momoko doll  Azone pure neemo and different baby
 Momo doll holding miniature  baby dolls 
Miniature for dollhouse,  baby dolls 2.5 inches 

A cup of cappuccino for you, be treated, please
Also we can treat you with tea

Dolls Momoko and Azon pure neemo is the best babysitter

This is a dolls collectors  Anna  &  Natalia

Prior to new meetings
Про этсианские встречи можно прочитать по тегу etsy teams
I love you, baby

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  1. The Heidi Ott dolls are pretty impressive! I have a big doll that I got from my grandma (life sized) that looks exactly like those!

  2. Krásné panenky a moc se mi líbí jejich háčkované a pletené modely.:-(